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Snowoffice GmbH is an IT company that has specialized in the needs of the hotel industry.
About SnowOffice GmbH

Snowoffice GmbH was founded in Zell am See in 2011 as a family-run company and has specialized in the hotel and hospitality industry since 2016.

As an IT service provider, we support hotels and accommodation providers with our digital technologies and hardware and software applications in management, process automation, the administration and processing of bookings and check-in.

We offer a complete solution that can be optimally adapted to your requirements.

A brief overview of our career

Discover our SnowOffice GmbH Journey here and learn more about our career

2021 - 2022

Integration of order guest in HOS-booking

  1. OrderGast: Order kiosk with kitchen operation terminal for your smart restaurant
  2. Passport scanners: Passport scanners are now part of SCSN 6.0
  3. Own POS system including cash register
  4. Integration of OrderGast Hos-booking Let orders from the kiosk be booked directly to the room.


SCSN 6.0/Covid Check/Channel Manager

  1. Our new product, which enables a completely contactless check-in without a medium.
  2. Covid Check is now carried out for you by the SCSN system
  3. Bookings from all common booking platforms are automatically transferred to your hotel software and the SCSN system

2018 - 2019

First combination of hos-booking with hardware

  1. The basics of communication between Hos-booking and the current SCSN 4.0
  2. Automated reporting system Guest reporting runs fully automatically
  3. Integration of payment system Guests pay via Sofort/Online or on site at the terminal with various providers
  4. SCSN 4.0 Market Launch (Key Storage System)

2016 - 2017

Start of specialization in the hotel industry

  1. First version of Hos-booking PMS is put into operation with basic functions.

2011 - 2016

Development of ICash software (financial management)

  1. Development of Icash software (financial administration), development of Timeshift software (HR administration), development of Greenbean software (educational administration), development of many API interfaces (connections of third-party software to cash registers), design and programming of various websites and development of many useful tools for small business owners


Founding of Snowoffice GmbH

  1. Development of software according to the wishes and needs of the smallest companies
  2. Integration of OrderGast Hos-booking Let orders from the kiosk be booked directly to the room

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